Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I would if I could

I am such a fan of knee high socks, I pretty much wear them every day in the cooler months. So I squealed with joy to see the uniforms of the womens indoor volleyball teams in Beijing. I am so loving this look, I tell you if I had the legs I would rock this outfit with pleasure!

Let me break down the ingredients which make it so good in my eyes:
- I love a v-neck tshirt, with or without a collar,
- I LOVE a cap sleeve, tres flattering,
- navy and white are my favourite colour combo, add a bit of red and I'm in heaven,
- those shorts on those legs, eek!
- crisp white knee highs with trainers,
- a killer glossy ponytail to top it all off.

It's never going to happen for me, of course, these girls are over 6 ' tall. In fact a commentator was mentioning how good the 6'2" girls were doing, seeing as they were the shorter members of the team!

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