Thursday, August 7, 2008

On My Desk

A belated post, things are hectic here.
We are getting packed for a quick weekend to Adelaide to visit family, and friends with a new baby.
Plus In The Making exhibition opening tonight, I feel a bit frazzled and unpresentable!

The above pics include some messy, messy activities, a dremel and attachments for sanding and getting microscopic bits of dust up your nose.
My glueing bench, very stinky indeed, I am still picking bits of glue off my fingers. The Botanica sneeks are nearly finished, I almost rushed them to wear to Adelaide, but I had that feeling I would have stuffed them up at the last minute, and exercised some rare restraint!

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boobook said...
thought you might like this

earl and cookie said...

were you at in-the-making last night? so many people...but i did find your shoes and they look fantastic!