Tuesday, August 26, 2008

In situ

A few images of my home away from home, Gallery 3 at Craft Vic. My 4 hours went by too fast today, didn't get to everything on my list, I think maybe I need to be a bit more realistic!

It's funny when you are on exhibit, some people won't come into the space because they know I'm in there - I said hello to a few people who poked their heads around the corner and they mumbled hello and then disappeared. I'm hoping that at least they will come back after I've left for the day, and have a good sticky beak at all the things on my desk.

Some brave souls just marched right on in, we got acquainted and I let them know what I was doing, today it was a bit of patternmaking.

I can also hear what people are saying about the In The Making show as they make their way down the gallery, a few exclamations of joy, a few pooh-poohings of the pricelist; maybe that's why they don't come and visit me, they've been busted!

Anyway I might get there a bit earlier tomorrow, to tackle a few extra things on the list, plus I'm having a fancy lunch at Cumulus, Andrew McConnell's new venture. It's all a bit of a carnival for me, I've been let out of the home studio! There's a city out there dammit!


Anonymous said...

hey emma, that looks really great! what a great way to show off your skills! i would love to come and see you, but alas.
tash xx

Kirsty said...

So exciting Emma - it looks lovely.

Beck said...

way to go!!!
It looks fantastic Emma, it's a bummer I won't make it in to see it all in the flesh, but thanks for the pics so at least I get to see what's going on!!!
very much looking forward to more pics and gallery gossip too...
ha ha ha.