Thursday, August 21, 2008

Pieces of Eight

I've just got home from a lovely visit to my favourite jewellery shop/gallery/studio, Pieces of Eight. This afternoon they are having an open studio, as part of Craft Victoria's Month About Making program.

I love having a peek into other people's studios, and this space has about 7-ish jewellers in residence, who were on hand today with cups of tea, tasty treats and the answers to many of my questions.

The cross-pollination between members of this studio must be something really special, I work on my own and sometimes wish I had a posse to get feedback and inspiration from. I spoke to Rachel Gorman for a while and this is her space below, a riot of colour, looking onto a communal soldering area, and further back to the desk of Melanie Katsalidis, who is the director of Pieces of Eight.

I love the idea of supporting a network of practitioners in such a direct way, paying their rent by purchasing their wares, which I am hoping to do in coming months, I'm saving my pennies now! (Maybe they would be keen on a contra deal?)

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