Wednesday, August 20, 2008

On My Desk

It's all getting a bit frenzied in preparation for my week's work at Craft Vic, which starts next Tuesday. I'm doing a bit of leg-work now, so that I can have a few different things to make, in various stages.

The above pic shows a selection of brocade fabrics, I am having to choose which one to use in a version of the Chinoiserie shoes that I'm making for myself. I am such a fusspot with colour, it's taking me far too long to decide.

There's also a great book on cowboy boots, I have never made any but am feeling like I might try it soon, and a handful of souvenir spoons; I seem to be buying them at op-shops lately.

Also pictured is a pair of lasts for Leo, next week I'll be making a pattern for a new pair of trainers for him.

These are Leo's lasts, with a build-up on the front for a bit of extra toe room.

In these two photos you can see that I've tacked leather over the lasts, before you do this you soak the leather in the sink, and then tack it on so that it holds it's shape. Once it's dry, you remove the tacks, and in the case of Leo's lasts, I'll glue the build-up back on and sand it into shape.

The smell takes me back to many workshops I've slaved away in, especially the smell of Leo's wooden lasts combined with the wet leather, very evocative.

This image is of the lasts I'll be using for Chinoiserie #2, and it shows the first stage in making an insole. These days commercial insoles are made from layers of laminated paper, because it's cheaper, but the old school method is to use layers of leather, with a shank in between. I'll show more pics as I go, I find this part very satisfying, like making your own yoghurt, being self-sufficient.

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