Sunday, September 7, 2008

Michi is my homegirl

Mum always said that I was a bit boastful, a big-noter in other parlance. Well the origins of hip- hop are all about a bit of braggadocio, and these shoes are my homage to the birthplace of hip hop culture, New York City.

As regular readers will know, they have been residing at Craft Vic for the last month, and in true irony, the exhibition closed on the day this piece was published in The Age, yesterday in fact!

I'm keeping the vibe alive by having my Trilogy of Trainers in the sidebar.

Listening to: EPMD - Let the Funk Flow
( Old school hip hop from the 80s, in the days when sampling was a free-for-all. Kool and the Gang would have made a fortune from this album alone!)


pen said...

very proud of you!
ain't no note high enough!

Craft Victoria said...

We saw that! and squealed in collective glee