Monday, September 1, 2008

While I was out.....

Spring has sprung in my garden, I noticed new flowers this weekend. During my weeks' work in the city I really missed being able to see the passage of each day as told by my garden. Here's the current story.

Anemones, in such a tonal colour palette. Plenty more coming.

Borage, the bees love it. It's an annual that grows rather large, the leaves are good in the compost too.

Blueberry flowers, such amazing lanterns that will turn into much beloved berries.

Sweetpeas, Stubbsy reminded us to plant them on St Patrick's Day, I have never grown them before, but they are really going for it and the scent is heavenly.

Our inherited badly pruned magnolia, previous owners of our house turned it into a scraggly shrub. The flowers are my favourite deep shade, and the smell is ever so slightly lemony.

Other bonuses as the moment are that we have a fledgeling crow nesting in our lemon-scented gum, he/she is such a character, so comical and providing me with much amusement at the washing line.
Broad beans are a-flowering, we have also been sampling rainbow chard and beetroot.
Ranunculi about to burst open.

A short Q&A about my week at Craft Vic is here.


teddybearswednesday said...

Beautiful! There's something so special about all the flowers suddenly coming out. Stunning pics.

Melanie said...

spring is just the bestest time. you have lots of variety of flowers to gaze apon in your garden. Lovely! Im loving the blossom trees everywhere at the moment.
have you gotten any fruit from your blueberry yet?

Beck said...

nothing better than getting back into the garden only to discover that a the world has blossomed while you were away, spring is so the season of suprise discoveries
love it.