Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Top Ranking

You could join your own army with these unisex Military brooches of fringed and brogued kid leather. These images attest to my love of military medals, I have been making these brooches/pins for years now and show no sign of stopping. In fact you can still find them at Meet me at Mike's, and they are soon to reside at Artisan for their Cherish showcase.

So what joy to be able to lay down a deposit for one of Beci Orpin's Sentiment Medals prints at Outre. It is sheer serendipity to find representation of my favourite things, especially a good ol' colour spectrum. Beci's show has officially finished, but there will still be a few of her prints and papercuts in the gallery. The edition of the Sentiment Medals print is 50, so there are presumably more available.

I can't wait to get it on my wall and salute!

Listening to: 3rd Bass - Brooklyn Queens


meetmeatmikes said...

Oh you're smart, Miss Search Term! xx

Craft Victoria said...

!!! I am so envious of your new print !!!