Sunday, September 14, 2008

The week that was

Well obviously we are all enthralled with this warmer weather, except that the wind has whipped up my hayfever to a crescendo. I used to soldier on with herbal remedies, elderflower and fenugreek tea, but now I am reaching for the industrial strength meds.

It has been a crazy week and I have spent parts of it in the doldrums, so much so that I let carbs back into my house and have been indulging in ciabatta rolls from La Manna. Back on the straight and narrow next week I think.

Have been jogging up a storm, to battle the doldrums, and have fallen in love with Princes Park - oh to live in a terrace around there. I'll be back there doing the 3.812 km track later today while the boys fly the model helicopter around the ovals. I've been running hard for one lap but might try running slow for two.

On another note I am perplexed by retail land, how my wares sell well at one shop but not another. I have been schlepping to new stores with no luck, sending endless emails interstate to drum up some interest, and might resort to a lemonade and leather accessories stall in my front yard. Will keep you posted.

Good news has been welcome, and the progress on Pip's book has warmed my week considerably. Leo and I dropped into the Mike's emporium yesterday and had such a good time I think we both cried when it was time to go.

Our afternoon really unfolded in an unexpectedly delightful manner from that point, we did the bead shop, the supermarket, the chemist (for aforementioned hayfever relief), and the health food shop; one of those hours when your purse was full of $$ and ends up full of receipts.

I usually detest Smith St, but there we were gallivanting about like we were actually enjoying ourselves, and with 6 mins left on the parking ticket we popped into a shop we hadn't visited before but I'm sure I'll be back there within the week, brace yourselves, it's the Smith St Bazaar!

Has this shop been a secret? Why have I only just discovered this smaller but perfectly formed version of the other bazaar south of the river? Leo found some rocking horses to keep him busy, I was drooling over lamps, anodised kitchenware a la my Aunt's place, classic mid 20th century chairs, clothing, curious objects, clocks, jewellery and other things which I am keeping a secret, lest they go missing before I get some $ together.

Smith St Bazaar, 305 Smith St, 11am-6pm weekdays, 10:30am-5pm weekends.

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pen said...

tell me about it.... different stores, different weeks of the year, different weather..... so unpredictable!
doldrums, yes I know that too, and my failing this week has been double dipped cherry ripe bars.... and I was doing really well on the diet too!
hayfever -screw the herbals! sometimes the chemist is the only way to go!
helicopter sounds fun, in this wind it might blow away though!