Tuesday, October 7, 2008


This is Leo's robot cake, lovingly baked my me, painstakingly assembled and iced by the sculptor father. It took hours, and was given the exacting attention that all of Sam's work receives.
NB - There will be no cakes in Sam's show next week, although he does have a new-found respect for the art of cake decorating!

Listening to: Chaka Khan & Rufus - Tell me something good
Check out the 1974 style in Central Park, love those outfits! And the heavy breathing too.....


pen said...

love it!
lucky lucky leo!
and blue food dye too!

Evie said...

oh this robot cake looks awesome!! love it! I just found you via teacups on treetops and have had a bit of a look around. wow I really love those nyc kicks!