Monday, October 27, 2008

Camberwell is swell

Had me a morning at Camberwell market yesterday, sans 4 year old, even lost my adult companions for a while which was quite a blessing, I had the opportunity to really look hard at all the stalls. In 2 hours I had only managed to look at the northern side of the market, I really was taking it all in.

I found a lovely stall with so many doilies, tablecloths, pillowcases, vintage buttons and goodies, made a few purchases and enquired about any online presence, lo and behold Little Whippet is out there in blogland, and on etsy and madeit too, oh and every Sunday at Camberwell.

All in all I picked up some more tins, very reasonably priced, a few more doilies here and there, a pink daisy bush, and of course some Richard Scarry books for Leo. I am realising that you need a lot more money to go to Camberwell now than when I first moved to Melbourne 10ish years ago.....

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