Monday, November 3, 2008

Assembly line

Well I tried to crochet some more blocks, after my enforced break due to RSI, and within 10 mins it hurt like hell again. So I've given up for now, and am blocking all my squares to get ready for the boring but necessary task of joining them all together.

I've never done blocking before, as most of my work has been rather sculptural, or made of wacky materials like electrical wire or leather thonging. I am realising that it takes a lot of pins, and that the 4 year old enjoys the spraying-with-water part a bit too much, we have had a few very soggy squares!

I am a bit crushed about not being able to crochet any more squares, it's my fave activity in front of the telly, but I figure that solid double crochet is just too repetitive. Methinks I'll enjoy doing a nice border that has a lot of variety in the stitches.

Listening to: Weather Report - Birdland


earl and cookie said...

double crochet? i've not even heard that before but it sounds intense! bummer about the rsi - the blanket could take a while but it'll be a beauty! (and about the tool photo - when i see other people's desks i love it when they look all messy and useful but Angela had to stop me tidying up! it's different when you see it in front of you all the time huh?)

Cathy {tinniegirl} said...

My partner took up crochet recently and she has the same problem. If she wants to crochet now she has to hold a stress ball in the palm of her hand whilst crocheting to keep the tension out of her hand.

I love the way you have done those squares. I bought that book on Amazon too and love all the different patterns.