Monday, October 13, 2008

Fast food

I do love broad beans. Especially now that I have discovered an easy method to get their second skin off (soak in boiling water till the second skin is wrinkly).

Bless them snuggled in their furry pods, they look so comfortable.

It's so gratifying to get things out of the garden and into my belly in half an hour. Plus the boy loved de-podding them, and then squeezing the bright green beans out of their skins.

I have been cheered to see my oft-neglected foxgloves showing off their flowers. At first I thought they were just a pale yellow, but as they mature a beautiful pink has graced their edges and throats. You may even be able to see an earwig asleep in one, that's him there, that dark shape. A great place to hide.

Listening to: Wes Montgomery - 'Round Midnight

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