Saturday, October 25, 2008

Virtual Shoe Museum

'Varnish' by Merryl Tielman

'Lift-Off' by John Fluevog

'Rattan' by Jan Jansen

I recently became aware of the website Virtual Shoe Museum.
I must say that I spend a lot of time there, how surprising, there are so many ways to search for shoes; style, colour, designer, theme etc.

The examples I've chosen are completely indicative of my colour preference and slightly slick/tailored vibe, but there are so many shoes to look at, even unwearable arty ones.

Maybe I should drop them a line and see if I too can achieve entry into the collection of the Virtual Shoe Museum.....

Listening to: Bob James - Nautilus

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Pls do, Lisa Snook of the Virtual Shoemuseum is very kind and always willing to help. Best regards, hester