Thursday, October 23, 2008

On My Desk

'Tis the season folks.There is no denying it, Christmas is not far away now. I must say I'm ready for it, I feel the need for masses of tinsel and family/friends, a big celebration to mark the end of this huge year. I saw some great festive wares at Aldi the other day, I'm hoping that the Sydney Road Aldi will be open soon, they look almost ready!

In the studio I've been a woman possessed, it's my first foray into making decorations out of leather, and what a treat they are. I'm still sampling and tweaking and debating whether to sell them in packs or individually, any thoughts? I'm doing an informal survey into the decorating habits of various people, your ideas would be welcome.

One thing I am noticing is that forest green leather is hard to come by, I need to get to Leffler soon and have a browse.....

Listening to: The Meters - Same Old Thing
Turn it up loud people!

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pen said...

pack of three could be good........ like in the photo.
you are going to hate me but I think I threw out a rather big stash of dark green leather a couple of months ago......... I'll check though and let you know.........
(it might have been dumped at Savers, Sydney Rd, you could check.....)