Tuesday, November 11, 2008

On My Desk

I foolishly painted my fingernails last week, admiring how glamourous I seemed, only to get stuck into finishing Leo's shoes and have it all chip off and look skanky. Here's a how-to on the chipped polish look.Applying a strip of randing to the edge of the shoe

Glueing the midsole

Glueing the wedge insert (yes there is a lot of glue-sniffing going on in my studio)

Putting the sock in

Et voila! It takes a while on the sanding machine, and I was covered in fine EVA foam dust, but now they're finished and he loves them.
I've got a bit of video footage of me on the sanding machine, I might edit it down and post it soon.

Listening to: John Lennon - Hold On


pen said...

Leo's got the fanciest shoes in town! Lucky lucky boy!

Melanie said...

having someone around that can whip you up a pair of cool shoes, now thats awesome

Natasha said...

stunning work emma. lucky leo!

edward and lilly said...

These shoes are awesome, I can't believe you made them, I'm so impressed.

I never paint my nails because they always end up chipped within an hour!

Di said...

The shoes are fantastic! Worth chipping your nails for. I like that you coordinated your nail polish with your project :)

Unknown said...

Yes indeed folks, I am a bit co-ordinated in the red nailpolish/red shoes department. It's my thing.
I guess it is pretty cool to be able to make shoes, I take it for granted a bit and when people ask incredulously 'how do you make a pair of shoes?!' I matter-of-factly reply in a casual manner.
Just wish I could make shoes all day every day, but you always want what you don't have.......