Saturday, November 8, 2008

Works in progress

Just to keep things moving, I mentally compose a lot of posts that never make it, I'm finding that 'computer time' is becoming a bigger part of my making than I thought it would/should be.
It's a balancing act for sure, time spent tinkering and making in the studio, vs time spreading the word etc on the Mac.

Here I have a Postage Belt on the go, I have sold a lot of these in black with rainbow queens, sounds a bit Mardi Gras now that I've typed it! This one is destined for the Meet me at Mike's Xmas shindig.

I'm also researching etsy and madeit, thinking it's about time to embrace e-commerce, any handy tips on either? How does it all work with currency exchange rates being as they are? Enlighten me please, I am a bit of a perfectionist and want to know that I am doing it right!

Speaking of perfectionism (is that a real word?), the crochet rug is taking shape, but the irony is that it's a mixed bag/bitzer/mongrel combination of pattern and colour. I have let go completely, and though I am guiding it in certain ways, the rug is an exercise in improvisation, something I need more practice in, I am a bit over-rehearsed.

Anyways, describing it as a mongrel really does it no justice, it's looking lovely and proving to be a lot quicker to assemble than I thought. A few rows done, the cat already wants to march upon it before settling down, and it has been warming greater areas of my lap as I join squares together.

Am off to get amongst the weekend: kindergarten sausage sizzle to celebrate rainwater tanks, need to go for a run (I'm on interval training now, which means run for 4 mins, sprint for 30 secs, repeat for the rest of your distance, exhausting but it feels like I'm squeezing the most out of it), investigating where all these tiny moths in my house have originated from, practice playing my berimbau (essential capoeira instrument)........

Listening to: The Coup - Show Yo Ass
The Coup, namely Boots Riley, have been one of my favourites for over 15 years, from Oakland, CA, I saw them in New York a few years back and it was wild! He rocks the mic in a three piece suit, always conscious lyrics with that Bay Area funk flavour, oh and Miss Silk E sure can dance.
Don't be put off by the name of the track.

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