Wednesday, November 19, 2008

On My Desk

These are some of my beloved Postage belts, soon to go up on Etsy, setting up shop there is taking me a while and is rather tedious. I hope that the GFC doesn't make this all a bit redundant, I've been having small crises about making things to sell when folks are tightening their purses a bit. Maybe KRudd's Xmas bonus will make it OK for a while?

Am off to Sydney for a weekish, sans small person, yes indeed I've been let of the leash! There is a capoeira festival that I'm attending, plus saying goodbye to a great pal who is off to South America, and just hanging out with buddies from when I lived up there in leafy Sydney. My list of shops and galleries to visit is rather large, I guess I'll be doing a lot of walking up hill and down dale. When I lived in Sydney I was such a keen bike rider, I rode absolutely everywhere, now I find it hard to believe esp with all the hills, narrow streets and crazy traffic.

So I have also been tagged by the curious Pip, something to do with divulging 6 bits of trivia about one's-self, and without giving away too much here goes:

- I am a proud left hander who actually does most things right handed, it is very useful,

- I was born in London and moved to Australia with my fam when I was nearly 5, with a great cockney accent to boot. Got teased at kindy and lost the accent quick smart, but there are still traces of it there, especially as I grew up in Adelaide, where we talk a little bit more posh than most of Australia,

- I always wanted to be Princess Leia, she was regal, kicked ass, had some great outfits and got to be with Han Solo, sigh, actually I still want to be her,

- at school I was good at playing the recorder, and always got to play the giant tenor ones as I had biggish hands, also played the violin, a bit of piano and now berimbau, atabaque and pandeiro at capoeira,

- it took three days for my son to be born, was so freaking painful and I swore I'd never do it again (but am reconsidering lately),

- I am a perfectionist/procrastinator, often not attempting things because I don't think they would live up to my imaginary ideal, I am working on this as it is a bit defeatist and I do realise that you learn so much through making mistakes, the means is just as worthy as the end.

Listening to: Astrud Gilberto - Agua de Beber


MildlyCrafty said...

Hi Emma, I didn't realise it until I read your post ... I am a perfectionist/procrastinator too! I'm going to try harder to procrastinate less. Thanks for the inspiration.

(and I love your work, your shoes are amazing!)

Anonymous said...

gorgeous belts your work so much.