Thursday, November 27, 2008

100th post, home again, jiggity jig

One of the best parts of coming home after a sojourn is to walk around my ramshackle garden and see new faces, flowers and fruit. These babies were awaiting me on my arrival back from Sydney, and they are extra special for a few reasons.
Firstly, they are called Hippeastrums, and they are bloody spectacular with a lemony fragrance.
Secondly, they are descendants of my Nanna's bulbs, which is so cool, I love to think of Nanna being as excited to see hers bloom as I am with mine.

We are blessed to have two lemon scented gums, a rather large species for backyard trees, but ours are babies at 15 yrs old. Plus we have a giant yard, so they are not squeezed in by any means.
Each year these two shed their skins, the bark develops massive cracks which turn pink at the margins, revealing new pistachio coloured skin underneath. The wattle birds love to pick bugs out from the cracks, and as the shedding progresses we have piles of bark gathering at the bottoms of the trees. I feel so proud of them, like when Leo grows out of his shoes and I can mark his growth and progress.

Last but not least, cheerful strawbs warmed by the sun.
Blueberries are almost ready too.


Healing Naturaly said...

Love your Hippeastrum, haven't got one yet, but it also remind me of my mum, she had one, I always tend to get flower she had,
I'm jealous of the strawberries , just started my garden this year, but am getting lovely mix lettuces. Listening to Ladainha, Mestre Plinio. cool, thanks for sharing.

Healing Naturaly said...

hi Emma, just wanted to add that I have now more water then I can use,I got a $8 dollar hose attach to de washing machine plus bath water, but that is a bit time consuming.