Saturday, November 29, 2008


These images really float my boat, I cannot explain exactly why I love spectrums so much, but I do love their complete-ness in terms of colour.My Spectrum Boots, they have already made an appearance but are the Grande Dames of my collection.

Yes I am a stamps freak, and this page of Queens has been residing with Pip for a long time, as part of the materials for my profile page in her soon-to-be-printed book. It is so great to have them back at home again.

At Sam's studio I spied with my little eye this box, which had been sent from a motorcycle spare parts shop. I hyperventilated at the sight of all these hot air balloon stamps, Sam hadn't even noticed them, more keen on the moto bits inside, glad we've both got our priorities!

Lucky last, the mish-mash rug that I finished the other night. I love it, I love it, I really do, as much for the crochet, and the color, but mostly for the throwing all caution to the wind and just going without much of a plan. I'll be trying this approach more often.

Listening to: Apsci - Robosex


meetmeatmikes said...

Those fricking boots are fricking good. frick.

Melanie said...

The boots do indeed rock. I love love that rug too and Im thinking I should learn to crotchet properly because I would love to make one like that.

Anonymous said...

I happened to be the winner of the very lovely rainbow belt donated to the Mikes Christmas do. I am a wee bit in love!


Anonymous said...

I have my inspiration to learn to do crotcheting (sp?) Emma, can you teach me?