Thursday, November 27, 2008

Swedish cross-stitch Zaishu

My fabulously tall and beautiful capoeira buddy Helen is half of the celebrated Zaishu team. Recently she asked to raid my craft books and mags for inspiration, and lo-and-behold the Swedish Cross-Stitch Zaishu!

'Celebrating needlework combined with the Scandinavian love of natural wood, we pay homage to traditional womens crafts. We are inspired by the women who continue to keep these skills alive as they are becoming increasingly lost in our industrialized societies. The prints feature magenta embroidery designs, snowflake patterns in spring green with a nordic blue cross-stitch bird. Craft is cool!'

I am eagerly awaiting one of these, I love the fresh colours, a bit of magenta is always welcome!
Happy birthday for Saturday Miss Helen, hope that the Chilean trekking is restorative xxxx

Listening to: Mestre Plinio's Ladainha

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