Sunday, December 14, 2008

The cutest roll of string

Yes indeed, Lefflers have done it again with their selection of interesting 'things'. This week I've been making shoelaces out of leather, I've never done it before but I had an idea of the procedure.
First up you need some string, that's where the cutest roll ever comes into its own.
Secondly you need to cut a continuous strip approx 15ml wide from your leather of choice. Ideally the strip is from a large spiral which covers as much area as your hide has. This means that the strip has the same rate of curvature, and when it's all finished it's a straight long thing.

Glue the string along the centre of the leather strip, fold when tacky and lightly hammer down the edge containing no string.

Finally stitch a few ml from the folded edge, then trim the excess with sturdy scissors and Bob is your proverbial (or actual in my case) uncle.

By the way, my rain gauge has had 60 ml since Friday!!

Listening to: Bad Brains - Soul Craft


meetmeatmikes said...

That is AWESOME! Sewing with leather is so cool. I love to watch you do it... ahem. That sounds weird. But what I mean is, that it's something most people don't do, and it's really interesting. Nice laces and very nice string too!

Anonymous said...

Love your blog! I am a writer with a long time obsession with shoes. I love reading about how you make your works of art. They are gorgeous! Thanks for such a fun, interesting, informative blog.