Friday, December 12, 2008

On My Desk

Bit belated with the ol' On My Desk-isms. Here's a recent view.

Drawing on the last to make a pattern. You cover it in masking tape and mark in what you want the upper to look like, then you peel it off and lay it on card to make the pattern pieces.

Here's the upper pattern, with seam and fold allowances added, ready to place onto leather, trace and cut.

Handmade insoles, these are so satisfying to make, wet-moulded specifically to the last I'm using. All leather, all lovely.

Lastly a view of the uppers all lasted, with a heel block attached, ready for a fitting. They look slightly weird at this stage, a frankenstein child, it's great to get the fitting done and finish them up all proper like.

Listening to: Sheila E and Tito Puente


meetmeatmikes said...

OH! Sheila E! Yes!

pen said...

I wish making clothes patterns could be done like that!