Thursday, December 11, 2008

The farmer's in the dell

I love my garden, especially when it gives me produce such as this.

Amazingly fresh carrots, grown in a big pot. I am letting one go to seed because the wavy tops look so lovely.

The blueberries have been ripening, every morning I go out and get a few for my cereal bowl. There is a huge huntsman spider living in the mulch under the bush, he was still sleeping this morning, very handsome indeed. (I quite like spiders, especially hunties, we have a few living in our garden and I always love to see them).

Hello garlic! The tops of these started to fall over and look a bit sad, I thought that they were meant to flower before you harvested them, but I lifted them any way and they are beauties! The smell is so pungent they are drying for a while in my outside laundry, will let you know how they taste. Also grown in pots.

Listening to: Mr Scruff - Come Alive

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