Friday, March 27, 2009

On my bedside table

Well it's on my bedside table, on my kitchen table, on my scanner, on my lap, in my bag, on my friend's various tables, on bookshelves in homes and in stores, on lists of things to get for beloveds - folks this book is everywhere!

As a project of mine is included, I am far from impartial, and as Pip is a dear friend and supporter of my work, I have nothing but love for this tome.

What can I say, the design and photography are gorgeous, the format is compact and practical (spiral bound so it stays flat when open), the projects are sure to have craftistas making and doing all over the place. I wonder if anyone will attempt my leather project? Hey let me know if you are!

This is one of my pages, with a collage of bits that I love: Princess Leia trading card, stamps, leather swatches, crocheted flower, chinese money envelopes, embroidered purse from Camberwell and Hokusai's Great Wave of Kanagawa. I think I might use this as my new screensaver.

OK it's multitasking Friday, so I am off to:
shred old bills
do dishes
plant seedlings
write Handmade in Melbourne submission
haul the laundry in
& get ready for a big capoeira weekend - it's our Batizado! Workshops start tonight, vamos embora!

Listening to: Angie Stone - Lover's Ghetto and a live version here

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Tania McCartney said...

Thanks for posting some inside shots! I'm gagging for a copy - hope to pick up one tomorrow. It looks beautiful and congrats on the contribution! Tania