Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Yes, actually I am

So Emma, are you still making those shoes for your sister?
Well yes, actually I am. There have been a series of sick days for the boy, a lost mojo situation, and a great deal of procrastination.
You see, these shoes have what is called a 'leaf' sole, where the sole wraps down the front face of the heel, and truth be told, they are my least favourite type of soles to make and attach.
Fitting the sole without glue is rather tricky, and always seems a bit vague, I usually end up trimming some excess from the sole where it goes down the front of the heel.
Some people attach the sole to the heel, and then both to the shoe; I attach the heel, then fit and shape the sole and then stick the sole onto the shoe/heel in one go. Confusing?
I'm interested in trying the other way, if anyone has done it then let me know!

Sanding the forepart of the sole to attach.......

Non-slip Topy half-soles ahoy!

A wee bit of branding.

Listening to: Ohio Players - Never Had a Dream

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