Thursday, April 23, 2009

In the Shoppe

Mother's Day is coming folks, I know this because I've put a reminder on the fridge about the present I would like to receive, and also I've entered an 8km run on the very day.

If gifts of precious jewellery are out of your recession struck budget then consider this - a fabulous Postage Belt showing Australian gemstones stamps. There is one available in the shoppe, and there's even free postage within Aust. Woohoo!
Spend some more Ruddy $.
Cross that pressie off your list.

In other news I cannot stop looking at the BOM (Bureau of Meteorology) website, my Adelaide peeps have alerted me to a huge amount of rain on the way, and I just can't resist a radar image. Have positioned water holding receptacles under downpipes etc, and did some serious laundry today in anticipation of a cold, wet weekend. Here's to pots of soup.

Listening to: Bob James - Nautilus remixed by Nicolay

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paula said...

hello there! fancy seeing you here! rained all night last night at halls gap, so i've been watching bom to. i reckon it all went north though. possibly more coming from south east... did you let out an audible groan at 1pm today? what a disappointment, no stubbsy... there's always anzac day.