Sunday, April 26, 2009

3 Spirals per day....

Pip's doing a Granny a day till the end of May, but over at my place I've been participating in '3 spirals a day till your wrists give way'. I do get a bit of RSI when I have crochet marathons, but I'm not faring too badly after completing this Helix Scarf for the awesome Jo.

33 spirals which are 30 ch long, each containing 4 trebles.

Thar you have it.
I'm actually a bit sad that it's finished, the weather is so perfect for woolly creations, maybe I'll start another one. Anyone keen? What colour: black, chocolate or wolf grey? I have a lovely jewel one in stock if they take your fancy. Let me know!

Off to plant some more broad beans and garlic, batten down the hatches and put on a pot of chai.

Listening to : Santogold - Lights Out

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Running Thread said...

Totally incredible. Love it!!!
Very inspiring to a beginner like me just starting on the crochet journey.