Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Making leather laces
Stitching laces

Interior of boot upper, showing non-stretch tape that resides in each and every shoe, different tapes for certain areas. You can also see the reverse side of the loops which the laces go through.

Finished uppers, awaiting lasting. May I just say that this is some of the most sumptuous leather I have ever used. It creaks and squeaks beautifully, smells amazing and is so damn soft, while being strong and supple.

Lasted boots, drying out for a few days before a fitting. These laces aren't the final fancy ones, when you last shoes always use old laces, as they get a bit beaten up during lasting and soling. The final laces get put in during the finishing process, where angels sing and all the heavenly splendour of the finished shoe is revealed.

Listening to: Mike Ladd - Airwave Hysteria

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