Thursday, May 21, 2009

Colour of the day


When I was a kid my sister and I had a Crayola Caddy, with all the crayons standing up around the edges of the central square. Damn, I wish we still had it. Anyone got a photo? I can't seem to find one.

photo by bookgrl

Anyways, I loved that all the colours had a descriptive name, not just a number. Unfortunately when reading the 'hot magenta' crayon, I rearranged the letters in my mind and for quite some time thought that this fine colour was called magneta. Maybe you just misread my misreading. Have another look. MAGNETA.

So I thought that this colour has something to do with magnets, and indeed many years later it does exert a certain magnetic attraction. I imagine that it also makes the noise of the Hypnotoad from Futurama.

In homage to the only shade of pink that I have ever considered wearing, today I'm sporting shiny magenta tights, which are making me feel rather invincible. I'm sure this delusion will only last until I get into the studio, and am reduced to whimpering when faced with my first challenge of the day.

To top it all off I have just stumbled upon a site called Colourlovers, and am now hyperventilating at all the spectrum goodness over there.

Listening to: Inner City - Do You Love What You Feel? Old school house music from 1989! Check out this video, I think I was in year 11 and sure remember some of these dance moves.... oh yeah.


Beck said...

oh my god, just went to colour lovers and sat drooling at the keyboard, completely mesmerised by the array of crayons... this is porn for rainbow people.
I LOVE IT, thanks for the hot tip, and by the way, those magenta tights, HOT.

MildlyCrafty said...

Awesome tights. This winter I'm going to wear skirts and bright tights (instead of my usual jeans), just gotta get some!

I used to love reading the names of the colours on my derwent pencils.

And I've just spent the last hour faffing around on colour lovers, made a pattern called sleepy :)

Unknown said...

Oh yay for the mutual Colourlovers drooling!
And thanks for the tights compliments, though I'm trying not to be one of those 'this is what I'm wearing today' bloggers....not that there's anything wrong with that