Monday, May 4, 2009

Little Gems

My first Military pin was made back in 2004, before my son was born. (That's my benchmark - before or after Leo, and it makes me feel rather productive to think I have made many more things since his birth.)
Anyway, I love these little gems, and for a time there I was thinking that accessories had to be seasonal, and therefore with each new collection I had to leave the old designs behind.
However, I decided that certain designs should live on eternally, damn these quick, fickle trends, and so the Mini Fringe Pin, as it is officially deemed, lives on.

I was lucky to get this project in Pip's delicious book, so the virtues of these pins is spreading far and wide, and they are listed not only in my shoppe, but also on etsy. Jackets love them, lapels particularly so, waistcoats too, I even have a whole posse of them on a smart blazer.

Unisex, yes; versatile, yes; colourful, of course; well made, ahem, thanks for noticing!

Listening to: Hard Knock Life - Jay Z turn it up y'all!


Meg said...

I have seen a few versions of these on people's blogs, and I like these the best.

Unknown said...

I would love to see the other versions, do let me know where they are!