Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Alana Clifton-Cunningham

A gorgeous show at Craft Vic in Gallery 3 at the moment, apparently inspired by, and referring to, body scarification, rendered in hand and machine knitted wool. I'm very pleased that the above samples are included, and are available to touch, as the works are so tactile and these framed texture panels satisfy the urge to manhandle all the pieces!

I'm seeing a bit of Sandra Backlund in the inspiration for this show, for more musings have a look at the Clog.

Also, in Gallery 1, I was gobsmacked by samples of Palestinian embroidery which has been made by women from refugee camps in Lebanon. Beautiful colourful precise work, it really hit home that craft is practised all over the world under so many different conditions.

I venture to say that many examples of craft produced in comfortable settings, doesn't hold a candle to the beauty and technique of these Palestinian works. I hope that these women are proud of their skill, and I thank them for sharing it with the rest of us.

Craft as an antidote for many circumstances.

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