Monday, June 29, 2009

I love Statcounter, not just for the thrill of seeing how many people are visiting me, but also where they are all coming from, geographically, via other blogs, do they click on any of my links, and what are they googling to end up coming to my humble blog?

Well here are a few examples:

- creepy man cross apron photograph
- complete set of golden hands
- Queen Amidala's outfits
- mestre cicatriz
- Sam Jinks
- George Calombaris bolognese recipe 17 ingredients
- leather and hammer craft blog australia
- great wave of Kanagawa tattoo half sleeve
- hammers boots
- Muzenza capoeira Melbourne
- Scienceworks Millenium Falcon
- ma soeur definition
Maggie Beer apron stockist

Ha! That's all I can say, I think that is so funny and illuminating.

I also love Google Reader, I have only just organised myself in this regard, and it has indeed cut down on my random clicking around & time wasting. It has made me aware of who posts rather regularly, and I'm wondering if those people have lap tops or desk top computers? I know I would be a more frequent bloggy lass if I could post while in cosy lounge room comfort, instead of icy spare room stuck at desk-ness.

Anyhow, enough musing, more hammering.

Listening to: New Buffalo - I've Got You And You've Got Me

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