Saturday, June 20, 2009

Handmade indeed

My beloved pals Dana and Raphael are such a creative pair. They are a fabulous self-contained musical duo called Apsci, represented by the Quannum label, and they made this video by hand. How? Here's Ra's explanation.

"The main story on it is that it was shot using an iPhone, a portable printer and a webcam. The printouts are from us performing to webcam on a mac. The webcam video was converted to black & white, and printed out at 5 frames per second (4 up on a page, cut by hand). We then walked around different cities we were touring and shot the photos in sequence. Every frame in the clip is a picture, no video was shot. No special effects in post-production. About 4,000 pictures were edited into the clip (whew). It starts in Brooklyn, goes to the Grand Canyon, Las Vegas, Honolulu and ends in Sydney."

I love that I can see Dana's beautiful hands holding the photos, I dig Ra's flow 'infintessimal', and the super-fast koi carp are a treat too! They also make amazing chai, Raphael is a stickler for hand-roasted and ground spices, his summer cooler mix is also a winner, man they are blessed with creativity! Miss you guys!

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