Saturday, June 20, 2009

More books

If I had all the time in the world to buy, read and review books, I would
a) be a very happy woman,
b) have some serious storage issues, and
c) be spruiking the wonders of this book, loudly and repeatedly.

It's titled 'Paris: Made by Hand', by Pia Jane Bijerk, and I have been drooling over it at Hill of Content bookshop. The folks over at Inside Out blog have not only read it cover to cover, they have interviewed the author herself, and joined the dots on the hows and whys of this beautiful little gem. Go here to have a read.

You can also go over to Pia's own blog, for more sneaky peeks into the book, and for the low down from the author herself, it's a trés pretty site. She lives on a houseboat in Amsterdam, how awesome!

Also I am loving the whole answering how-to questions on the interweb, this week I learnt to do screen grabs on a Mac! Press the apple key, shift and 3 in unison, then use your mouse to click on the desired page, and ecco a lei, it's saved as a picture on your desktop!

Listening to: Weather Report - Teen Town
Nothing like a bit of fretless bass on a Saturday morning, thanks Jaco!

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