Sunday, July 26, 2009

Handmade in Melbourne Vol 2

Wow, I was at Readings the other day and saw not only the Meet me at Mike's book all lovely on the shelf, but underneath was a huge stack of these newbies. I was actually planning on getting the new Melbourne Design Guide (so many books about this fine city and it's creative residents!), but the Handmade book ended up coming home with me instead.

Of course it's a wee bit narcissistic, as there's a page in there for me, but this Volume is jam-packed with 200-ish artisans, expanded from the 80 featured in Volume 1. Knitwear, jewellery, musical instrument makers (luthiers), boat builders, shoemakers, clocks (horologists), basketry: the list is loooong.

I'm also relieved to see that I'm sharing the open page spread with my friend Emma Shirgwin, who is also a shoemaker: maybe now people will realise that we are not the same Emma! Double trouble also exists towards the end of the book, it's alphabetical by first name or business name, and so there's a spread which has Vicky Mason, jeweller, next to Victoria Mason, jeweller!!!!

'Scuse the crappy scan, my scanner is not co-operating at the moment.

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meetmeatmikes said...

Oh congratulations to YOU, Emma.
You totally deserve every success that comes your way.
Yay for Em!

Word Verification : Mates!

Unknown said...

Mates, that's a classic!

Evie said...

oh wow i did not know anything about volume 2. i have the first and love it. thanks for the heads up. my book list is getting longer everyday! ha
and congrats on the two book features.