Thursday, July 30, 2009

Works in Progress

A great day in the studio today, well, the afternoon, the morning was spent running along the Merri Creek, and then attending a seminar on toilet training. (Any tips for the mother of a nearly 5 year-old High Functioning Autistic chap who is rather fond of nappies?)

Anyway, the above photos are the fruits of my labours today, in preparation for the handmade footwear showcase coming up in October at Craft Victoria. Yeehar, I think that's the first time I've mentioned the exhibition, maybe I can finally admit to it as I have a few projects nearing completion.

What else is happening, oh well of course there is a launch at CV tomorrow night for the 'I Make Stuff' book by Handmadelife, an embarrassment of riches this week to be featured in 2 books! I was a bit disappointed not to be able to get some of my new projects completed and in the aforementioned book, but there are some old faves instead.

Hmmmm, painted the back fence, oiled the garden bed tops, harvested some broccoli rabe, did some pilates (oh man that is a foreign concept to my gung-ho sweaty approach to exercise - what's with the gentle slow going-ness? When do I go for the burn? My muscles aren't even sore, I mustn't be doing it right!) danced around the house to Sharon Jones, made chicken stock, wore high heels and a smart blazer to kinder pick up to fool the other parents into thinking that I'm a go-getter, ate a lot of chocolate, recovered some sleep post Tour de France, about to lose some due to 3rd Test match in Edgebaston.......

It's all happening. More detailed photos to come, unfortunately my perfectionist nature will not allow full in-progress shots till the dreaded finishing process is complete, and I may even save some surprises for the exhibition. Don't worry Dudecraft, I'll be keeping you in the loop!

Listening to: Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings - Tell Me

PS. I'm about to go on a well-earned spending spree on etsy, I have a few favourites, what are your recommendations?


pen said...

isn't funny when you just get SO much done in one hit?
my week's been like that! a friend says it's a sign spring's on the way!
nice work! stampy stappy shoes- cool!

Paul Overton said...

It's like you know exactly what I'm thinking. Can't wait to see the stuff when you're finished!

dillpickle said...

Hi Emma, I'm sure you're already aware of it, but the Autism Victoria website ( has lots of links to services but also to parent groups which might be a useful source of ideas?

You are seriously productive! It would take me a month to do all those things (except the making things from leather thing - that would take me longer than forever ;-)).

Mainichi said...

Em I love the rainbow spectrum thread on those white shoes. If you are up for some Etsy shopping check out wearnoevil, (from Adelaide too!) who makes great carved pvc bangles and TamamiKoBag for nice handbags. xx