Friday, August 28, 2009


Bits of leather drawn on by my good buddy Sync, destined to become a pair of boots.

A once-abandoned design for some golf brogues with a beautiful quilted and fringed front flap, now resurrected.

A repair job for a friend's Grandfather's bag, the handle had come off so I made some new bits and hand-stitched the handle back on while watching and lamenting the result of The Ashes, boo hoo.

I really don't like repair jobs, but these friends are so ace, and the bag is so old and interesting, it taught me many things, and that's a good result.

We have had a bit of general malaise around lately, hence the loss of mojo, it's still not quite back but I am soldiering on. Leo dropped a brick on his toe, he enjoyed limping so much that it has been a re-hab of sorts getting him to walk normally again. We have all had colds, and are re-surfacing to find our blogs to be sadly neglected. Rest assured there are tasty treats to come, and on the Lego Lab too.

Listening to: Mad Men theme music by RJD2, I have been overdosing lately!!