Thursday, September 3, 2009

My concentrating face

Sam made me a fabulous new table, gargantuan in fact. It's on castors so I can move it around, I can roll out huge hides, work on multiple patterns at once, Leo even plays underneath! I am a little awed by its size, but it really is perfect for having a few projects on the go at one time.

Sync's sketches on pearl kid leather, laid over blue patent. Tall sci-fi boots.

And another video for your entertainment. Stitching the pieces onto the patent. This was so much fun; random, asymmetrical, unplanned, totally opposite to the way in which I normally work.

I love my sewing machine, we have been buddies for over 10 years now. It feels so satisfying to stitch through leather, there's a finality to it, a particular sound as the chisel tip pierces the hide, and if you get it wrong then you have to cut a new piece - those holes aren't going away.

It's a bit confronting to see the face I make when concentrating on my sewing, I can credit my Dad for that hard-working chin!

Listening to : Blackalicious - Aural Pleasure


Christiane said...

its very interesting to watch process videos of other peoples work. I am in complete jealousy of your awesome *moveable* workbench! i would die to have space such as this!

Paul Overton said...

Love it! Process, process, process. Fascinating. I want your sewing machine! It's so awesome!

pen said...

nice table!
how I love the sound of a sewing machine, especially when you just start them up and the clutch motor starts humming
nice boots too!

Jenn said...

Oh my. I have serious table envy. *juts chin out in consternation*

Ramona said...

that sewing machine looks lethal - ever had an injury?

ps the word verication is samicro!

Unknown said...

So glad that you all like my new workbench, if only we all had a Sam to make one. It really has been great to use this week, I no longer have layers of paper and leather, nor do I have to pack away one project to work on another one.

I even cut belts today, from huge hides, I used to have to do that on the floor, no more dusty knees for me!

Ah yes, the sewing machine, I have never had an injury Ramona, though it does look lethal from that angle. We are truly great mates, though sometimes on the belts it skips stitches, which makes me swear a lot.

meetmeatmikes said...

You are great.

Word verification : fangal