Wednesday, August 5, 2009

This week I've......

....been to Geelong to do a presentation of my work to the Sewing Guild. My mother-in-law is an amazing sewer (is that the right term?), and she has always appreciated what I do, so she asked me a while ago if I would play show & tell with her sewing group.

It was great to meet all the talented ladies, it was a real bastion of fabric, so I was almost hyperventilating as they discussed interfacing and lingerie fabrics, not my forté as you might know already.

I really enjoyed their perspective of my craft, and to see it all together made me remember that I do have a body of work, even if the making does seem glacially slow at times.

I've also been inhaling the fumes from this leather dye, it's not altogether unpleasant. Very potent stuff, not as much as raven oil, but it really soaked into these heels. Most shoes are finished with a black or brown waxy dye, but neither of those colours feature much in my making. So I've been experimenting with good ol' navy blue, my fave, and they turned out beautifully. After this photo I covered them with shoe polish, which was then buffed to a high shine.

The detailing on these soon-to-be-revealed shoes has really gone over the top, but that gets me so excited! Every part of the shoe has some special treatment/decoration/feature, including these steel tips for the soles. I can't even remember where I picked them up, maybe when I lived in Sydney. I used them on the outer edge of the heel, so that they don't wear down.

I am hours away from posting a picture of these beauties, I just can't wait to share them. When the sun comes up I'll be straight back into the studio to decide on a final detail and then you'll know all about them!

Listening to: 24 Carat Black - Ghetto: Misfortune's Wealth Classic old-school funk


Paul Overton said...

wanna see, wanna see,wanna see,wanna see!

pen said...

i do love a bit of raven oil..... (how many raven's in a bottle of raven oil do you suppose?)
love those steel caps
can't wait to see the next pictures!