Friday, September 25, 2009

This is what's become of me

To put it into perspective, here's what I'm currently using for crochet cotton, it's top stitching thread. When I realised that I was literally crocheting with thread, I took a good hard look at myself and said 'Really? Are you insane Emma?'

And the answer is yes, I have gone a bit mad with this pair of shoes. I ran out of red, and the new ball didn't match in colour or sheen, so I decided to add some pink. Meanwhile the available pink in crochet cotton was insipid, so I roamed through Spotlight and found a similar weight, and a more robust colour. That's my explanation and I'm sticking with it.

Luckily I reduced the number of flowers that I need, they really have been holding me up, as I have to attach them to the upper before I can last them. Below is a practice shot from yesterday, but it turned out that I didn't make the pattern big enough, so I had to bloody well undo all the rivets and make more uppers. Sheesh! These flowers have been a bit manhandled, I hope that they hold up and look fresh at the end.

Listening to: Daft Punk - Voyager
From the animated Daft Punk film 'Interstellar'. A gorgeous piece of work.


pen said...

(word verification is 'presale'........ take it as a sign about the shoes I think!...... what size are they?)

Paul Overton said...

Insane? Maybe. I think it just further proves what an absolute badass you are! Crochet with top-stitching thread? Totally sick. You're like the X-Games of crochet! Go you.