Thursday, September 17, 2009

Today I didn't really want to stand at my sanding machine for ages, shaping the wedges for my sci-fi boots, sniffing toxic glue, oh that's right, I need to AVOID sniffing the glue.

But the lad is at kinder, and I have to make use of this time etc etc. Turns out that I have done this procedure so many times that it's not such hard work, but still, the machine is a beast and I really just wanted to sit down, eat toast and crochet these beauties.

Here it is, crochet cotton, it's teeny tiny, probably the equivalent of upholstery thread. I tried a few different weights of thread, but the thicker ones seemed a bit clumsy. I like the lacy quality of this light thread, it's rather delicate and frothy. However it is sending me blind!

I think that I have decided to load the uppers with flowers, I was planning a more sparse look, but I fancy a bit of overkill. This means that I have 8 flowers to go! Just as well I have the box set of The Mighty Boosh to keep me going......

Listening to: Sly and the Family Stone - Sing a Simple Song

1 comment:

pen said...

load 'em up Em!
lots of flowers definitely!
when you go blind and your fingers arthritic I'll lead you around!