Thursday, October 29, 2009

It's been busy!

Holy shizzle I am just getting over the opening weekend! Thursday night was a hugely packed affair, I was worried that some of the works were millimeters away from being knocked by bags and elbows, but all emerged unscathed.

I was exhausted from all the talking, 8cm heel-wearing, checking on children, shepherding bags away from the works, and half-finished conversations that go along with openings, but it was great to see so many awesome folk appreciating these three shows. I especially loved catching up with Simon O'Mallon, my teacher from TAFE in Adelaide all those years ago, who opened 'Shoe Show' with a fine, albeit nutty, speech.

I have heard Simons' stories many times, but it was good to get a refresher; how the Cordwainer's Guild is one of the oldest in London, and that he feels centuries of shoemakers hover at your elbow when you make shoes by hand. The best thing he said was that 'handmade footwear is the quantum physics of craft', I might get a t-shirt made with that emblazoned across the front.

On Saturday I gave a shoemaking demonstration at Craft Vic, to a bunch of enthusiasts and curious folk. I took a lot of hand tools, patterns, leather samples, and components used in the making of the Printemps shoe/spat. For myself, I stitched a pair of navy kid uppers with white top stitch, and partially constructed them so that I could show the different stages involved. I passed a lot of bits and pieces around for people to examine and hold, this craft of mine is very tactile, and I wanted to convey these properties during my presentation.

It seemed to go down well, most people have no ides how a shoe is made, from a drawing to completion, so I hope that a few light bulbs went off in illumination. Afterwards I hung around answering questions and chatting for a while, then I was all talked out and went home via Brunetti's to stock up on well-earned cakes!

There are more pics on the Craft Vic blog.

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Paul Overton said...

Emma - Hearty congratulations. A great PR victory for shoe making and seems like it was fun to boot!(pun intended).