Thursday, October 29, 2009

Monster Zoo

My Leo loves a good object, especially if it's a robot, a spaceman, a creature, or especially in this case, a posse of mischievous monsters. Yesterday we went off to Pieces of Eight, Leo was a bit hot and grumpy in the car, but as soon as we peeked into the front window, he shrieked, 'I love it I love it!'

I wished he was taller, so that I didn't have to lug him around on my hip to see all the work, but by golly, my 5 year old was smitten with these curiosities.

Each of them has a distinct personality, as the catalogue details, (some of them are responsible for nibbling holes in condoms!), and I particularly love the use of stones etc, which gives each of these critters such unique characteristics. The materials are precious, but the work is rendered in such an un-fussy way, beautifully made, and so humorous.

After we left Leo declared that we should go there every day to visit them, and we should tell all our friends, which is why I'm passing this crucial information onto you! We took a catalogue home, which has already been to kinder today for show & tell. (Leo is getting a reputation for being the kinder cultural attaché!)

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