Friday, October 16, 2009

My new project - due in April

Et voila.

Without sounding like a press release, this is the reason for my loss of mojo, the recent malaise, the rather constant nausea.

I do apologise for being a slack friend to many during recent weeks, with all the work for the Shoe Show, and this little babe, all I have been able to do is some vague tinkering, lots of sleeping, and trying to keep my food down.

I'm welcoming the supposed glow and surplus energy that the fabled second trimester brings, I'm hoping to get back into cooking, visit my long lost pals at capoeira, and catch up with some lovelies who I have been missing.

Enjoy your weekend!


pen said...

huge congratulations
(I seem to be surrounded by pregnant people- again!)
glowing you will be!
is Leo excited/getting his head around it?

Kitty said...

I'm due in April too, so I hear exactly how you've been feeling. I'm waiting for a little more energy to kick in now.
Look after yourself.

Esther said...

Congratulations, I've only recently found your blog but do hang in there, most people do get more energy back after the first few months.

Unknown said...

Congratulations on you spring surprise :) Please continue to let us know how your coming along ;)

Kirsty said...

Big huge congratulations to you & your crew!

Kelley said...


Good Luck!