Tuesday, October 27, 2009

On my bedside table

Long overdue this one.
As you are no doubt well aware I am a Star Wars nutter, and while visiting the current exhibition at Scienceworks I just had to get this fine book: 'Dressing a Galaxy - The costumes of Star Wars'.

Trisha Biggar is the inspirational woman responsible for the costumes of Episodes I, II AND III, this huge book shows the range of research, characters, fabrics and materials she has given life to. Categories include Military Wear, Padme's journey, Jedi vs Sith, The Galactic Senate, and Slaves, Rogues and Bounty Hunters. Many costumes from the original films are documented as well.

There is a lot of technique on display; hand beading, smocking, customising of fabrics, mold making, casting, hand tooling, dyeing, metal work - my thoughts go to the vast numbers of craftspeople having loads of late nights! Many of these crafty folk are Australian, as our labour was so well priced to make these movies here!

Excuse the cropping on these images, the book really is so big that my scanner falls short.

Zam Wessel - Bounty Hunter.
J'adore this one, a real action girl outfit, I would have loved a blue version back when I was a dreadlocked bike messenger. OK I would still like a blue version. In this image I spy a neoprene bodysuit, leather vest, gauntlets, shin guards, gloves, half skirt and chest plate. If William Gibson wants me for a movie, I'll have an outfit like this please.

Padme's Action Outfit.
There are moulded leather accessories hidden under the cape here, a holster and pouch, the colours are gorgeous and the scarf/cape has a big texture.

Baron Papanoida.
Leather trim aplenty here, but my heart swoons at the silver aiguillette, I have a new shoe design based on this feature alone. Who can guess who this actor is.......well it's none other than George Lucas.

Tion Medon.
I'm pretty sure this is velvet, the vest section is divine, again order me one in blue. This gent is played by the super-tall Bruce Spence.

Jango Fett detail.
This is a really technical costume, involving a lot of casting and metal work. There's a lot more metal than on Boba Fett's final costume, he had to make do with some trumped up cargo pants, but as we all know, he did a mighty fine job!
I'm wondering how those leather pouches stay closed, some form of magnetic closure perhaps?

To offer one wee criticism, from a footwear-focussed gal, there is not much in the way of the description of footwear. I have been wondering which pairs were bought commercially and customised, which ones were custom made etc. I am none the wiser, but I won't let it dent my enthusiasm for this great reference book!



for me episodes 1,2,3 were very exciting because of the look of them. That extreme futurism mixed with nostalgia. and more importantly I got to see Yoda kick arse. I have never revisited these three but im looking forward to introducing Thom to the whole series. But where do I start ep 4 or ep 1? guidance I seek.

Susan said...

Hi, I love love love that book too, almost as much as I love the entire Star Wars universe.

I know that the long Jedi boots were all handmade as were the boots for Vader's outfit and many of Padme's. I think they were made by a shoemaker in William St Paddington. I seem to recall there being an article on them in the paper at the time saying what they had made for the movies.