Sunday, November 15, 2009

Deck the halls.....or at least make a plan to

Beloved folks, if you haven't already noticed, it's that time of year again. At our house we have not yet applied festive bits to the front door etc, but we did get all the decorations out to see what makes the grade this year.

We have plans to make a tree from some huge cardboard boxes, a slot together arrangement methinks. Although I love the smell of a fresh tree, I can't bear the waste of watering it, sweeping up all the needles, and then throwing it out.

So I have done another run of these cheery ornaments, both etsy and the shoppe have them in stock, and they will be winging their way to Craft Vic and maybe some other places in the coming weeks.

In contrast to last year, they have been blinged up with Swarovski crystals, and I am rather fond of them!

Listening to: Funkadelic - Icka Prick

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Anonymous said...

They look fantastic! Love the owls!