Thursday, November 12, 2009

In the garden

Forget-me-nots, an amazing shade of blue. These will self-seed for years to come.

Homegrown garlic! The round ones are giant garlic, I'm assuming that they are just one huge clove, look out vampires! There's nothing better than extremely fresh garlic, transparent and sticky when sliced. I'll keep a few of these and replant them next time.

Blueberries, so damn tasty, I need a hedge of them so that I need never buy the tasteless ones again.

Towering hollyhock, it was a remnant of last years' shorter stem, just shot up on its own, no water from me, and now it's way over my head and very cheerful.

Bromeliad flower. These plants are so intriguing, they don't need much to survive and the flower spikes last for ages. Just remember to water the vase of the plant, not the soil/growing media.

It's not all success though, there are also a lot of weeds going to seed and getting stuck in our socks, no doubt the cause of our collective hayfever, poor Leo is really suffering. Also suffering are the bean seedlings who, funnily enough, really don't like 35 degree heat. This early hot spell is TOO SOON thanks very much, the strawberries are sun-dried on the plant and there are a lot of burnt leaves about.

I'm realising that I will have to concentrate any water I have on only a few plants, maybe tomatoes and herbs. I'm hoping to squeeze in some cucumbers, as they cover so much ground but only have one watering point, I like the short lebanese cucumbers.

Other plants will just have to fend for themselves, which is pretty sad, but my yard is too big to keep lush during a Melbourne summer. I am planning on getting some chooks, although not in this heat, as they initially have to be cooped up for a week or so, but I really need their help in the yard, cleaning up, preparing soil, fertilising and keeping the bugs under control. Earwig infestation anyone?

Off to make some more Postage Belts for Craft Victoria now, while the studio is still cool. It faces west, and has been unbearable after about 2pm, so my mornings are full of action out there.

Listening to: Triosk - The Head Light Serenades

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pen said...

wish i had a garden
my studio also like a sweat box
bloody summer should not be here yet