Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Today I was harrumphing over fabric, it was white satin but after my mitts got to it the colour was dubious. Made a mistake, decided that I couldn't face doing it all over again, so felt is my new friend.

I'm making an elaborate neck piece for Craft Vic's White Christmas. Everything for this piece is bloody white; crocheted flowers, fabric and ribbon. Can you believe that the colour between different balls of white crochet cotton can actually differ? It's white for f@ck's sake! How can they be different?

Anyhoo, my next part of this now-becoming-tedious investigation into white, involves buttons. Some people hoard buttons, collect buttons, adore buttons, I am indifferent, and have not got a good stash. Off to Buttonmania to get some clear glass buttons, but no - the mecca of buttons in Melbourne cannot help me there. Oh but they are having a monster sale and I almost wanted to join in with the folks filling bags and bags with all sorts of good sounding buttons, you know the sound they make when you rummage through them, or pour them from a jar. Sale finishes Saturday.

I have arrived at an easy, symmetrical, Emma-esque solution for this piece, which will be revealed after I deliver on Friday. Yep I know where I will be tonight, on the couch, watching The Wire ( I am starting to talk like a Baltimore native, you feel me?), and hand-sewing teensy bits onto bigger bits. The joys of creating an ever widening posterior.

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