Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Had me a bit of exposure late last week on Craft Vic's blog.

If any of you managed to pick up the fold-out catalogue that accompanies Shoe Show, I'll have you know that my text, at least, is an abridged version. I am a bit of a verbose type, especially when talking about this fine craft of shoemaking which I practice, and so the original 1000 words I gave poor Kim and Nella turned into 300 or so for the catalogue.

Anyway the whole piece is over at the CV blog, including images taken by Richard Brockett of me and my studio. I love my studio! Making a big mess in there this week, lots of belts on the make, an annoying fabric detour, and my glue stick combined with a lot of Christmas postage stamps. I'll show you when it's all done........

Listening to: the lawnmowing guy working hard to remove all the overgrowth in my yard - my pushmower, hayfever and pregnant form all ganged up on me and so I had to 'call a man'. Yeehar!

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